In June 2017, Blessed Trinity Catholic School and Little Prints Blessed Trinity partnered to create a teaching garden. The Principal proposed to the Superintendent to have a fenced in space, on a hill, large enough for a teaching garden, to be the perfect site location for the garden. From the approval in late September to the official opening of the garden in June, harvesting July through September and planting in October, much has been accomplished.

The most important accomplishment was that we created a sense of community. The Principal and teachers worked diligently with NYLPD- BT team of facilitators, sponsors and childcare staff to create a learning, sustainable vegetable, berry, herb and edible flower garden that produced in his first year a substantial harvest to support a series of 5 workshops on sustainable gardening. The workshops, involved the entire school population, provided delicious taste testing, cooking classes, hands-on identification of produce.

A sense of family was created that continues to be fostered today. It is important to know that this learning experience is one that will promote the desire for their child to learn, be inquisitive, acquire knowledge and most importantly understand the benefit of community, sharing and the value in being a good citizen.