NYLPD Mother’s Day Celebration

NYLPD- St. Gregory The School Age program at St. Gregory school celebrated mother’s day with pastry treats, crafts and games that they could play with their families. NYLPD York Mills Centre- Mother’s Day Gifts The children at York Mills created these beautiful mother’s day craft using clay, paint, stencils and stickers. NYLPD- St. Cyril The [Read more…]

St. Gregory- Father’s Day Celebration 2019

Sports Day with Dad’s and Families St. Gregory’s Before and After School Program celebrated father’s day with some treats and games! The playground was set up with different stations where children and their families can play. Sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, obstacle course and so much more were set up for families to enjoy.

Parent Testimonial

St. Gregory- Parent Testimonial St. Gregory’s staff ensures that each child in our program enjoys their time in the before and after school program. In doing so, we strive to get to know the interests in of all children and incorporate it into our daily programming. It’s always a bittersweet moment when children in our [Read more…]

B+A Thank You Card!

St. Gregory’s Children Testimonial St. Gregory’s Before and After School Program strives to create a safe and caring environment for all children. They have created close bonds with both children and families and continue to create fun learning experiences for the children. This is a card that was created by a child that had left [Read more…]

Generation Pound- Avokatdo Fitness

St. Gregory’s before and after school program participated in a Generation POUND® workshop! This is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music to improve physical fitness, focus, communication, teamwork, coordination, athletic skills and more! For children and adolescents, regular physical activity is associated with both physical and psychosocial benefits. Generation POUND brings these benefits [Read more…]