A festive Holiday Party at St. Cyril

North York Little Prints Daycare Holiday Party - Toronto Childcare

Little Prints St. Cyril loves to celebrate the holidays by decking the halls with joy and laughter. This year we put on a Gingerbread House Workshop for our Little Prints children and their parents. The festivities included a family photo booth with festive props, a wall filled with artwork by the children and a class photo, a DIY activity booth to create postcards to Santa, a gingerbread house decorating station, and light refreshments for everyone to enjoy.

NYLPD Mother’s Day Celebration

NYLPD- St. Gregory The School Age program at St. Gregory school celebrated mother’s day with pastry treats, crafts and games that they could play with their families. NYLPD York Mills Centre- Mother’s Day Gifts The children at York Mills created these beautiful mother’s day craft using clay, paint, stencils and stickers. NYLPD- St. Cyril The [Read more…]

St. Cyril’s Meet and Greet

St. Cyril’s before and after school program recently had their annual meet and greet Day after school. This allows families to come together to see their children’s learning portfolio as well as NYLP visual learning documentation. Diorama The children displayed their beautiful diorama project that they worked on throughout the month. They used a variety [Read more…]

St. Cyril’s Mural

St. Cyril’s before and after school program created murals to display at their school. The project was done in November of 2018 and the murals are currently installed outside the school and NYLP shared FDK playground.  This project was part of the FDK Garden Project that the school and B & A program collaborated on [Read more…]