The school age children A, S, and E were the EM’s for the night and
welcomed our before and after school parents and friends. They each took
turns and gave some interesting facts on where and when ugly christmas
sweaters originated from and how it came about today. They then
introduced the kindergartens first performance of the night.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

A few weeks prior to the christmas party, the kindergarten children each took a vote on what
song they would like to sing and together chose “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. We all
worked together to come up with some movements to go along with the song and formulated a
dance to go along with our singing. They did some actions that represented the words in the
song and put on a wonderful performance for their family and friends for our Christmas party.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show

A few weeks prior to the christmas party all of the school age and kindergarten rooms
decorated one to three plain christmas sweaters as their monthly project. Each group drew
what kind of designs they wanted to put on their class sweater. Each class worked
collaboratively together to design their unique christmas sweater using various materials such
as glitter glue, felt, foam, bells, lights and so much more.
On the day of the christmas party, school age children were chosen to model all of the class
sweaters and each got to walk across the platform on the stage. They each had their moment in
the spotlight and added their own dance moves and unique poses at the end of the platform.

Christmas Sweater Raffles

After the fashion show, the children took turns to raffle of their sweater to the parents of the
program. The parents were very excited to have won the sweaters and even traded sweaters.


We Wish you a Merry Christmas

To conclude our christmas performances, the school age children sang “We Wish you a Merry
Christmas” and some of the children even learned sign language to sign the chorus of the song.
After the school agers sang their song, the kindergarten children sang their own version of
“We Wish you a Merry Christmas” for the parents which included actions such as clapping,
stomping, jumping that encourage us to become more spiritual and excited about Christmas.