The children at St.Cyril enjoy outdoor play and now with the addition of ramps and hammers they are extremely engaged. The children like to pretend play a game called “ice workshop” which is where they break the ice using the hammers and then fill it up into the tube and transport it by walking on the ramp to another location which they call the “Ice factory”. Here they sell ice to others for a reasonable price! These activities enhance their literacy as well as numeracy as they activate their cognitive skills to accomplish physical tasks and initiate play.

“Mazing through the snow”

The children decided to use their strong muscles by creating a maze like pathway across the snow patch we have in the school yard. They enjoyed this workout and the next day the snow in between the dug up area had melted to reveal a clear pathway. The children were very proud of their accomplishments!

This activity promotes proprioceptive input (the connection and pressure between the muscle and joint) which helps in assessing how much pressure is needed when using a writing tool, pushing a door etc.

Flying a Recyclable Kite

On a warmer day in December 2021,  the school age children enjoyed having a picnic outside where each child received their individual table cloth to sit on for physical distancing due to COVID-19. Once they were finished, a few of them took the chance to dance around and run with the tablecloth pretending it’s a kite. Some ran, a few decided to perform a contemporary dance and others tied it around like a cape pretending to be an avenger. It was a fun spontaneous learning experience for all. These children really know how to put recyclable materials to good use!