B+A Christmas Gathering

St.Gregory Before + After School Program Gathering St. Gregory’s before and after school program worked very hard in their preparation for their Christmas performance for their parents! All month, both kindergarten and school age classes worked on a performance piece and decorate a Christmas sweater for our fashion show.  After the concert, the families and [Read more…]

Holiday Events- Toronto

Little Prints Daycare wishes you a happy holiday to enjoy with close family and friends! Here is some fun events happening around Toronto to celebrate the holiday season!  For more events and information visit: http://www.toronto4kids.com/Calendar/ Super Toy Warehouse Sale Dec 13, 2019 – Dec 15, 2019 Huge selection of brand name toys including: Squishable, Crazy [Read more…]

Little Prints Oceanographers

This month, the B+A children will participated in various ocean themed activities and workshops with our special guest Heather. Kindergarten The children participated in an interactive under the sea story. The story was about a star that fell from the sky, and the fish and the children have to work together to try and re-locate [Read more…]

Little Prints- Bee Project

Project Base Learning: Wildflower and Bee Pollinator For the children to continue to actively participate in their learning experience, we extended their current learning. They created ‘Sunflower’ to learn how worker Bees forage for pollen from flowers. We were given the opportunity to read the book about Bee, the children learned Bees dance to communicate [Read more…]

NYLPD Mother’s Day Celebration

NYLPD- St. Gregory The School Age program at St. Gregory school celebrated mother’s day with pastry treats, crafts and games that they could play with their families. NYLPD York Mills Centre- Mother’s Day Gifts The children at York Mills created these beautiful mother’s day craft using clay, paint, stencils and stickers. NYLPD- St. Cyril The [Read more…]