Apple Harvest with Apple Pie Making

At Little Prints Daycare, we believe that teaching children about the origin of produce and how to use it in cooking and baking is crucial for fostering a deeper understanding of food and its connection to the natural world. It instills appreciation for fresh, whole ingredients, imparting knowledge about seasons, cultivation, and sustainability. Understanding where [Read more…]

Earth Day- St. Gregory B+A Program

St. Gregory’s Before and After School Program participated in a variety of earth day activities! Each group explored and engaged in a variety of nature based activities that allowed children to reflect on how we can protect our earth. ELECT: 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, 2.6, 3.3, 4.3, 4.5 HDLH: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement, & Expression   The children [Read more…]

Earth Day- NYLPD York Mills

North York Little Prints Daycare celebrated Earth Day today as the children were able to participate in a hands-on activity to raise environmental awareness and inspire protection for our earth. Each child was able to take part as they planted Calendula Seeds and placed them in a greenhouse tray to see these seeds become sprouts.  ELECT: 2.6, [Read more…]