This month, the B+A children will participated in various ocean themed activities and workshops with our special guest Heather.


The children participated in an interactive under the sea story. The story was about a star that fell from the sky, and the fish and the children have to work together to try and re-locate the star and bring it back to the sky. The children sang some songs and danced their way through the story.

School Age

The children learned about the ocean and our sea. They learned that the earth is 3/4 water and that there are many living creatures living beneath us. Live creatures such as dolphins, whales, fish and sting rays are examples of what kind of animals we can find. There are also many other things such as coral reefs, seaweed, rocks, sea shells and other beautiful things in the sea/ocean. After learning some facts, the children went on a scavenger hunt, where they had to answer clues based on some of the facts that they had learned. Once the scavenger hunt was finished, the children got to see a real megladon tooth.