Project Base Learning: Wildflower and Bee Pollinator

For the children to continue to actively participate in their learning experience, we extended their current learning. They created ‘Sunflower’ to learn how worker Bees forage for pollen from flowers.

We were given the opportunity to read the book about Bee, the children learned Bees dance to communicate called “Waggle Dance”. They shared their ideas about how Bees cooperate in the hive and the job each type of bee performs.

These learning experience help the children develop their science exploration and sense of observation about the growth process. They also develop patience as they wait for the seeds to grow and gain responsibility as they take care of the plants.

Bee Garden

With all the learning experience about ‘BEE’, now it’s time to talk how we and our family can help save and care about the bees. Children love gardening, and Bees love gardens! So, the children were invited to join the planting activity to create a garden in our center, so that bees can always find food here. They planted sunflower seeds that one of the bee-friendly flowers.  Also, we introduced ‘TBG (Toronto Botanical Garden) Teaching Garden’ to parents to encourage them to get involved in protecting bees, nature, and wildlife with their children.