DiscoverAbility presents “Art on the Go” form young artists in our organization in partnership with Vesuvio. Creative Art encourages children to express themselves freely and communicate exploration through their art. Their creative expressions of ideas, feelings and interpretations help with the development of each child’s individual learning, strengths and sense of identity in meaningful ways, regardless of a child’s ability.

St. Gregory Catholic School

The children in the before and after school program spent several weeks working on different painting techniques. They then applied these techniques to their chosen art piece.

Carmelite Day Nursery

This collection of art created by the young artists at Carmelite, who collaborated together to explore the four seasons. This series depicts a line of trees transitioning from fall to winter, summer, to spring. The students use their own unique experience with each season to create art pieces which are meaningful to them.

Blessed Trinity

The goal of this art project is to inspire appreciation, curiosity, and respect towards nature, while building the skills to express these thoughts and feelings through art. Each painting has at least one area sectioned off in a circle which highlights a natural, essential transition while exploring different art techniques such as colour contrast, blending, and perspective.

St. Cyril

Through painting and sketching, we explored contrasting phases in the environment which balance and bring harmony to the world around us, such as the four seasons, night and day, the rain and sun, and the life cycle of plants.