Parent Handbook: 

Last updated: July 14th, 2020

Re-Opening Dates by Location

We have set a tentative start date at the York Mills location of August 17th. Re-opening is dependent on the completion of required HVAC work in the centre.

We are re-opening our Blessed Trinity site from August 4 to 28th, 2020 for summer period. The school requires the daycare to close between August 31- September 4, 2020.

Our St. Cyril’s families will be directed to the Blessed Trinity location, as per our usual summer protocol.

Our St. Gregory’s site will not be opening in the summer. We expect that we will be able to open this site when the school re-opens for session in the fall.

NYLPD Hours of Operation

Our reduced hours have now been finalized. York Mills will be open between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Blessed Trinity will be open between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Upon opening parents may be given staggered start and finish times by their centre manager if required to maintain safety protocols.  

Fees will remain the same as previously posted and charged based on a child’s date of birth.

Securing Enrollment

Please review the attached Handbook and sign an acknowledgement form at the end of the Handbook. This form will confirm your acceptance of our COVID-19 Policies Handbook and confirm your finalized enrolment request for childcare.

You will be asked to return a scanned photo of this signed acknowledgement to your Centre Manager by no later than seven (7) business days from the date that you receive the email with the COVID-19 Policies Handbook.

Enrolment decisions will be determined by management equitably, having regard to a several factors including (but not limited to) available spots, age categories, households, and whether parents are working outside of the home. Spaces may be limited, so we cannot guarantee entry at your earliest preferred date, but we will do our absolute best to accommodate your requests.

Please note, however that if the signed acknowledgement is not received within the required seven (7) business days, then child(ren) will be much less likely to receive enrolment on the preferred date. Delays in waiting for a space could be significant, depending on the provincial stage of opening and physical distancing requirements in place at that time.

Changes to Expect

In our last note to you, we outlined some of the changes you can expect upon returning to our childcare centres. These changes, and others, are set out in full detail in our new COVID-19 Policies Handbook.

The COVID-19 Policies Handbook addresses everything that you can expect upon returning to NYLPD, including physical distancing protocols, handwashing/hand sanitizing, the use of personal protective equipment, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures, drop-off and pick-up procedures, and more.

In particular, we ask that you please pay close attention to our updated rules regarding designated pick-up person(s), which are set out in the COVID-19 Policies Handbook.

What can you do in the meantime?

We ask parents and guardians to please return the signed acknowledgement within the required seven (7) days. Also, if your child(ren) will not return to NYLPD, please let your centre manager know so that we can better determine available childcare spaces.

Finally, if your contact information has changed OR will change soon, please confirm this change with your Centre Manager.

NYLPD is closely monitoring the advice of municipal, provincial, and federal authorities. We will be in touch with you very soon as our re-opening plans crystalize.

In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to your Centre Managers, each of whom are happy to field any questions you may have. We also look forward to your responses about your plans for enrolment and any changes in your contact/other information – our team is eager and ready to solidify plans for a safe and rewarding return.