SCHOOL-AGED PROGRAMS (Ages 6 to 12 Years) 

After School Program Locations: St. Cyril Catholic School, St. Gregory Catholic School 
Summer Camp Location: Blessed Trinity Catholic School


Ages 6 to 12 Years 
Educator-to-Child Ratio: 1 Educator to 15 School-Age Children 
After School Program Locations: St. Cyril Catholic School, St. Gregory Catholic School 
Summer Camp Location: Blessed Trinity Catholic School

North York Little Prints believes that after-school time should be different from in-school time; children end their day in a welcoming, friendly and safe environment to interact with their peers. The learning environment is organized in a relaxed and friendly setting providing individual, small group and large group experiences for developing independent and/or collaborative projects, for exploring their self-interests and for engaging in different specialty clubs such as gardening, science, technology, music, drama, sports, culinary arts, etc. 

The School Age Program is planned based on the children's abilities and interests. We provide developmentally appropriate activities to recognize that all children are cognitively, linguistically, and emotionally connected to the language and culture of their home. Children are given the opportunities to explore cultural and gender issues, explore in diverse forms of language and culture through Music and Art. Dialogue is important in the School-Age program to encourage children to give opinions are suggestions on the things that they are interested in learning about. It is important for the children to know that their ‘voices’ are being heard and to feel competent as a member of the collaborative planning team with the educators and their peers. 

Parents or community members are included in the programming to share their experiences and culture with the children to broaden their knowledge. Parent and Educator communication is encouraged on a daily basis to provide feedback and information about the child’s day. Documentation in various forms and media, such as portfolios, learning stories, visual learning boards, slideshows, newsletters or blogs are used as tools to share the children’s learning process. 

What we offer: 
- Before- and After-school care 
- Breakfast/Morning snacks* and After-school snacks 
- Daily homework support 
- Outdoor play (weather permitting) 
- *Weekly Specialty programs in: Arts, Sports, Drama, Music, Arts & Crafts, oCooking, Science, Nature Gardening, Yoga 
- Choice activities including: Board Games, Puzzles, Arts, Crafts, Reading, oDramatic Play, Toys, etc. 
- Planned and properly organized field trips to various locations throughout the GTA (PA Days, March Break and Summer Camp) 
- Operate during school PA Days, March Breaks, Christmas Holiday (first week only) and Summer Camp

North York Little Prints Daycare  Head Office: 210-20 York Mills Road, North York, ON M2P 2C2 416-229-0572

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