PRE-SCHOOL PROGRAM (Age 30 to 44 months )

Locations: Blessed Trinity Catholic School and York Mills Centre (All Year)


Age 30 to 44 months 

Educator-to-Child Ratio: 1 Educator to 8 Preschoolers
Locations: Blessed Trinity Catholic School and York Mills Centre (All Year)

Little Prints provide a secure and trusting environment in order for the child to develop as an emotionally healthy individual through a warm and loving environment. Social interaction and development of verbal communication are encouraged by means of elaboration, expansion and modeling of language by educators and peers.

Programming is done on a weekly basis using topics that are familiar to the children's daily life and following the children’s interests based on the staff’s periodical observations. These topics will be experienced in a continuous and flexible time-frame following children’s needs. Our program broadens children’s learning experience through a facilitated Play-based learning environment in order to enhance their potentials through hands-on and creative experiences for further development. Everyday the children participate in sensory activities using visual, auditory and tactile materials such as play dough, rice, cornmeal, water, and sand to develop the eye-hand coordination skills. Participating in various art and craft activities include skills such as cutting, gluing, painting and coloring will provide opportunities to explore materials in his/her own way and at their own pace and also improve the children's fine-motor capabilities that will prepare them for kindergarten. The preschool children develop social-emotional skills through dramatic role play and daily interactions with peers. They also practice daily life skills that will help to develop knowledge of the world around him/her and help them become independent and confident for getting ready for kindergarten. Constructive play and dramatic play are the highlighted forms of meaningful play in the daily play-based learning environment. 

The Senior Preschool Program offered at our York Mills location also focuses on: 
- further development of language skills such as letter and sound association, sharing thoughts through speaking, listening and following direction;
- aspects of healthy living including nutrition and physical activity;
- further development of cognition skills through hands-on math readiness, pre-writing skills, science and cooking activities.

Parents or community members are included in the programming to share their experiences and culture with the children to broaden their knowledge. Parent and Educator communication is encouraged on a daily basis in providing feedback and information about the child’s day. Parent and Educator Interview or Progress Review is conducted periodically to share the progress of the children’s learning, achievement and behavior. Documentation in various forms and media, such as portfolios, learning stories, visual learning boards, slideshows, newsletters or blogs are used as tools to share the children's learning process.

North York Little Prints Daycare  Head Office: 210-20 York Mills Road, North York, ON M2P 2C2 416-229-0572

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